The stars aren't aligned in my favor.



I visited Amsterdam recently and took a little TFIOS tour! I started at the library where John wrote some of the book and then went on a hunt to find the places in the book and got to meet another Nerdfighter in the process! 

When I go to Amsterdam, I’ll be doing this.

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list of people i like:

  1. dogs

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Tumblr I want to tell you a story


One time I got reblogged by Lorde.



Photographer Mattias Klum from National Geographic gets close and personal with a lion.

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Watch Our Most Beautiful Celebs Read Nice Internet Comments. (x)

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here’s a photoset of some of my favorite adam sandler outfits

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poor little straighty doesn’t even bat an eyelid when queer people can’t get married or get literally murdered for not being straight but boy do those tears come pouring out when someone tells them not to say “faggot”

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